My Services


Therapy has many benefits.  Whether you or a family member have a mental health diagnosis or are experiencing an increase in stress, therapy can provide insight and tools to increase awareness to improve functioning and well being.  


Couples therapy can benefit relationships in any stage as well non-romantic relationships.  Therapy can help you prepare for marriage, discuss difficult topics, cope with infidelity, in-laws, parenting, disagreements, change, & stressors.  Therapy can help rebuild friendships, improve business relationships, and much more.  If you have a friend, family member, or business partner, therapy can be the be the bridge to improve communication and understanding.   


Exercise has been proven to reduce stress by increasing endorphins and reducing cortisol.  Lack of exercise and movement can lead to an array of health issues.  Sitting for prolonged periods of time  can lead to pattern overload which leads to back and neck pain.  It is important to move and stretch.  Exercise does not have to be strenuous.  It can be fun and relaxing. I want to inspire others to implement daily doses of exercise throughout their day.  Our physical health affects our mental health.  I use a combination of stretching, balance, cardio, resistance/strength training, agility and core strengthening.  I offer in-person training as well as online-personal training.


Telehealth is a valuable service.  Telehealth benefits those who are unable to attend therapy in-person as well as those that have busy schedules.  Teletherapy is not recommended for everyone such as those that would benefit from hospitalization.  I offer individual counseling via video or phone.  I offer couples therapy and family sessions via video.